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About IPF

Indonesian Packaging Federation / IPF is a packaging business association, non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in August 1977. IPF is a member of the Asian Packaging Federation / APF and the World Packaging Organization / WPO.

IPF facilitates its members with up-to-date information, new networks, business matching, education/training, workshops, factory visits, seminars & conferences, technology development, industrial progress, environmental aspects, laws and regulations, etc. Its mission is to improve the performance of packaging technology by encouraging research and development of packaging innovations as a commitment towards sustainability.

Primary IPF today activities are

  • Education: dedicated to serving the professional development needs of the packaging community through training, workshops and consulting.
  • Knowledge and Information: through organizing seminars & conferences (National and International scale), publishing e-Packaging Directory, etc.
  • Innovation: recognizing the excellence of packaging through the PackindoStar Awards which are held annually.
  • Networking: brings together the packaging community for visiting and joint promotion at worldwide Packaging Trade Shows and Business Meetings / Matching.
  • Issues & Legislation: updates on standardization, knowledge and references, including dealing with packaging in a circular economy.


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