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Odor Absorbing Additive Masterbatch for Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling

Masterbatch are used by plastics processors to ensure good dispersion of additives in polymer matrix, especially when additives are needed in low concentration.  The additives are pre-dispersed in a resin carrier so that processors can easily let-down into their resin during processing.

Circular economy has become increasingly important, post-consumer plastic packaging wastes are being recycled into new articles. Post-consumer recycled plastics often show a strong smell due to the presence of contaminants or residual contents (e.g. food, detergent, inks, adhesives…) degrading during the recycling process.

Such undesirable smell is usually limiting the amount of recycled plastic that can be used in new plastic articles as affecting consumers’ perception of the product’s and brand’s quality.

Tren Pengemasan di Indonesia

Gaya hidup digital membawa perubahan fundamental terhadap gaya belanja masyarakat serta bagaimana produk dikemas, didistribusikan dan disajikan kepada konsumen. Penggunaan corrugated box, wrapping plastic, bubble wrap, ready-to-meal box, retort, sachet, single bite packaging meningkat karena perubahan trend ke arah urban lifestyle.

Packaging Technology Enabling New Markets and Applications

Di perusahaan terkemuka, kemasan tidak lagi dianggap hanya sebagai cost dan support center saja. Para pemimpin mulai mengenali nilai kemasannya. Kemasan mempunyai peran yang penting dalam organisasi secara global. Kita telah mencapai titik di mana pengemasan sebenarnya adalah salah satu "penyedia solusi" teratas untuk industri di seluruh mata rantai nilai pasok.

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Getting New Market & New Customer, Identify New Supplier, Research Competitors, Generate New sales, Source of New Contacts, Networking, Capitalise on the latest developments in packaging industry, etc.

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